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Dubai's New Tonino Lamborghini Branded Residences Unveiled
五月 16, 2024
Dubai's New Tonino Lamborghini Branded Residences Unveiled 迪拜
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Abstract: The launch of the Tonino Lamborghini branded residential project marks another significant development in Dubai's luxury real estate market. By incorporating Italian design and lifestyle concepts, this project not only offers residents a high-quality living experience but also injects new vitality into Dubai's high-end residential market.

Dubai is once again riding a wave of ultra-luxury housing to meet the UAE's growing demand for high-end homes. Developed by Gulf Properties in the Meydan area, the new branded residential project integrates the design elements of the famous Italian brand Tonino Lamborghini Group, resulting in four towers with a total of 541 residential units.

The project boasts a total construction area of approximately 750,000 square feet, including two 6-story buildings and two 12-story buildings. Each building comes with two parking spaces, and the residential units range from studios to four-bedroom apartments, designed to meet the needs of different families. All materials, interior designs, fittings, and kitchen facilities are meticulously crafted by the Tonino Lamborghini Design Studio, ensuring every detail reflects Italian luxury and quality.

Dubai has become one of the top global cities for branded residences, with over 50 such projects. According to global branded residential market data, the number of branded residences is expected to double in the next five years, further solidifying Dubai's position as a leader in the high-end real estate market.

Dubai's New Tonino Lamborghini Branded Residences Unveiled


Shaher Mousli, Chairman of Gulf Properties, stated, "With our diverse expertise and commitment to innovative design and construction, we have become a cornerstone of Dubai's luxury real estate, creating unique lifestyle residences."

Tonino Lamborghini, founder and chairman of the Tonino Lamborghini Group, added, "We bring Italian materials and design. It's crucial to bring these lifestyle elements to residents, not just by having the brand name on the building's side but by providing an Italian lifestyle experience in every interior element. We can't bring Italy to Dubai, but we can offer the Italian lifestyle in this market."

Bilal Hamadi, General Manager of Gulf Properties, commented, "Tonino Lamborghini provides us with design direction and execution, enabling us to offer a new level of luxury, design concepts, and production quality that only creative giants like Tonino Lamborghini can achieve."

Rami Sharma, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Gulf Properties, noted, "We are experiencing exponential growth, and with this project, we are propelling the company into a successful new phase."

Dubai's New Tonino Lamborghini Branded Residences Unveiled


This project is more than just introducing a luxury brand; it fully integrates the Italian lifestyle and design philosophy into every detail. The involvement of the Tonino Lamborghini brand not only enhances the overall quality of the project but also offers Dubai residents a new lifestyle experience. This project will undoubtedly become an important milestone in the Dubai real estate market.

Furthermore, the continuous growth of Dubai's branded residential market indicates strong demand for high-end residences. With more luxury projects entering the market, Dubai will continue to attract global buyers' attention, further strengthening its position in the international real estate market.

Dubai's real estate market is currently experiencing rapid development, especially in the high-end residential sector. The increase in branded residential projects not only provides more options for Dubai residents but also offers an excellent investment opportunity for international buyers. With the global economy recovering and the market stabilizing further, Dubai's real estate market is expected to maintain its strong growth momentum.

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Dubai's New Tonino Lamborghini Branded Residences Unveiled
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