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Dubai Leading the Global Trend in Sustainable Development
二月 28, 2024
Dubai Leading the Global Trend in Sustainable Development 迪拜
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Abstract: Dubai's leading position in sustainable development is remarkable. The city ranks third globally with over 400 LEED-certified projects and a strong commitment to sustainability. The real estate industry in Dubai is gradually shifting towards sustainability to align with key objectives outlined in Dubai's 2040 Urban Master Plan and the UAE's 2050 net-zero emissions vision.

Madhav Dhar, Chief Operating Officer and founding member of ZāZEN Properties, emphasizes the importance of energy-efficient construction, efficient design, and sustainable building practices to reduce negative environmental impacts. With the UAE leadership extending the Sustainable Development Year to 2024, measures such as utilizing natural light, improving thermal insulation, implementing smart technologies, and adopting renewable energy sources will further drive sustainable development.

Research by JLL shows that buildings with high-level green certifications can compete longer in the market. In Dubai, premiums for these buildings can be as high as 5% to 10%, demonstrating the market's recognition and preference for sustainability. The shift from traditional sustainability concepts reflects the growing demand for "green" buildings that meet environmental, social, and health standards. This not only crucially preserves the long-term value of real estate assets but also reduces the depreciation risk of unsustainable or "brown" buildings.

Dubai Leading the Global Trend in Sustainable Development


The UAE aims to reduce emissions by 56% by 2030 while improving energy efficiency in the construction industry by 40%. Alida Saleh, Director of Sustainable Development - MEA at JLL, states that the UAE is making progress on the decarbonization path, collaborating with the private sector to advance "climate consciousness" development. With the country's climate mitigation and adaptation strategies striving for net-zero emissions by 2050, Dubai and the UAE's real estate industry will play a significant role.

According to recent surveys by UBS Global Wealth Management, 75% of UAE investors believe that sustainable development will become the norm by 2030. The growing interest in environmental projects is expected to have a positive impact on the future. Investors believe that choosing sustainable development will not affect performance but rather extend the lifespan.

Dubai and the UAE's efforts in sustainable development will have a positive impact on local communities and the global environment. By leading sustainable development, these initiatives are expected to reshape the entire country's real estate landscape and add value to the economy. Dubai's success and commitment will provide valuable insights for other regions, collectively driving the global process of sustainable development.

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Dubai Leading the Global Trend in Sustainable Development
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