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Dubai Co-Ownership: Shard Introduces New Property Investment Opportunity
六月 26, 2024
Dubai Co-Ownership: Shard Introduces New Property Investment Opportunity 迪拜
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Abstract: Shard's co-ownership model is not just an innovation in Dubai's real estate market but also opens up new possibilities and choices for global property investors. Officially launching on July 1st, this innovative model will provide residents and investors in Dubai with diversified and flexible real estate investment opportunities.

In Dubai, a new real estate investment model is gaining traction: co-ownership. Shard's upcoming initiative allows investors to acquire luxury properties on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai's city center at relatively lower costs. This innovative real estate platform disrupts the traditional sole ownership model, offering buyers greater flexibility and investment returns.

István Juhász, CEO and Co-Founder of Shard, explained that they will launch this platform on July 1st, aiming to democratize access to Dubai's real estate market through co-ownership. Each property will be divided into 8 shares of ownership, with each co-owner clearly listed on the title deed. This model not only reduces the financial burden of purchasing a property individually but also simplifies complex legal procedures and property maintenance responsibilities.

Investors or end-users will enjoy up to 44 days of residency per year at the property, which can be used for personal occupancy or rented out for additional income. This flexible usage rights make investment returns more diversified and manageable. Juhász emphasized that all properties will be managed and traded through the Shard platform, ensuring the protection of each co-owner's interests and investment value.

Dubai Co-Ownership: Shard Introduces New Property Investment Opportunity


Dubai, renowned as a global real estate investment hotspot, attracts investors and residents from around the world. Shard's co-ownership model not only meets buyers' demands for high-quality living but also provides a low-barrier entry into Dubai's property market. This emerging co-ownership model has been widely adopted in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and is now making its debut in Dubai, expected to generate strong interest from investors and meet market demand.

In addition to investment returns and flexibility, Shard prioritizes user experience and service quality. Through Shard's application, each co-owner can conveniently schedule their occupancy, similar to booking a hotel room. This efficient management and service model allow co-owners to enjoy property ownership effortlessly without worrying about management and operational issues.

For investors, the co-ownership model not only means lower initial investment costs but also offers greater market liquidity. At any time, investors can sell their shares at market prices through the Shard platform, with transactions coordinated and managed to ensure security and fairness.

Shard's launch marks an important step towards diversifying and democratizing Dubai's real estate market. Through the co-ownership model, it not only meets the demand for high-quality residences among a wider population but also promotes a healthier and sustainable development of the real estate market. As this model gains acceptance and popularity, it is expected to attract more international investors and residents to participate in the prosperity of Dubai's city center real estate.

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Dubai Co-Ownership: Shard Introduces New Property Investment Opportunity
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