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Damac Properties Launches Cavalli Towers Project
三月 12, 2024
Damac Properties Launches Cavalli Towers Project 迪拜
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Abstract: Cavalli Towers by Damac is a luxury residential project located at Dubai Marina in the UAE, aimed at redefining the standards of luxury living. Developed by Damac Properties, a leading real estate developer in the UAE, the building aims to embody the bold elegance of the Cavalli brand.

Standing at a towering 71 stories, Cavalli Towers features intricately designed luxury duplexes, premium luxury duplexes, and super luxury duplexes ranging from two to six bedrooms. The project embraces Cavalli's iconic style, with vibrant prints and bold designs, focusing on detail in both interior and exterior finishes to create a unique ambiance of refinement.

Construction of the tower is currently at 28% completion, with external and internal finishing works expected to commence in June 2024. Situated at the heart of Dubai Marina, Cavalli Towers is adjacent to Ocean Heights, surrounded by a vibrant environment that offers residents convenient living conditions and spectacular urban views.

Damac Properties Launches Cavalli Towers Project


In 2019, Damac Properties acquired full ownership of the Italian fashion brand Roberto Cavalli SPA, becoming the sole regional real estate developer with ownership of the brand. This enables Damac to integrate Roberto Cavalli's luxurious fashion DNA into the structure of its properties, providing residents with a unique living experience.

The delivery of Cavalli Towers will signify a new chapter in Dubai's high-end lifestyle. By blending Roberto Cavalli's elegant style with Damac Properties' forward-thinking tradition, the project aims to transform homeowners' way of life. From décor to furnishings, every detail will showcase Italian craftsmanship and Cavalli's iconic aesthetics, offering residents an unparalleled sense of luxury and unique ambiance.

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Damac Properties Launches Cavalli Towers Project
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