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Free Maintenance Services Offered by Dubai Developers
四月 20, 2024
Free Maintenance Services Offered by Dubai Developers 迪拜
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Abstract: Dubai's property developers have shown outstanding support and action in response to the recent floods and property damage caused by heavy rain. Major developers like MAG Property Development, Emaar Properties, and Damac Properties have pledged to provide free maintenance services to affected residents, aiding them through this challenging time and facilitating the restoration of normal life.

In a statement, MAG Property Development stated that they would cover all necessary repair costs for affected residents, including the entire residential development project. The CEO, Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, emphasized their responsibility to support customers in the face of the recent uncommon weather conditions. They are committed to assisting the community during these challenging times and appreciate the resilience shown by residents and the support measures provided by the government.

On the other hand, Emaar Properties also announced they would undertake the free repair of all their damaged properties in Dubai communities. Chairman Mohamed Alabbar stated that they would bear the cost of repairing all properties damaged by recent rainfall to ensure residents can swiftly and smoothly resume their daily lives. This determination and commitment provide vital support and reassurance to the entire community.

Free Maintenance Services Offered by Dubai Developers


Similarly, Damac Properties is assessing the extent of losses and has assured residents that their properties are fully insured. They pledge to support stakeholders with thorough assessments and procedures as needed. Additionally, the company stated that they worked closely with local government to restore normalcy to the community within hours of the storm's impact, minimizing disruption to residents. This proactive collaboration and disaster response efficiency are impressive.

Thanks to the efforts of these developers, Dubai residents have received effective support and assistance in overcoming the challenges posed by the heavy rain. Their actions not only demonstrate corporate care for the community but also underscore the importance of public-private cooperation in disaster response. Dubai's developers have shown genuine concern and support for residents, making a positive contribution to the stability and safety of the entire community. Such spirit is commendable and serves as a valuable example and inspiration for other regions facing similar challenges.

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Free Maintenance Services Offered by Dubai Developers
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