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Dubai Property Market 2024
四月 2, 2024
Dubai Property Market 2024 迪拜
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Abstract: The Dubai real estate market has started 2024 on a positive note, showing promising prospects for the future. On one hand, developers have launched a series of major projects, meeting the market demand for high-quality properties; on the other hand, buyers and investors have shown strong interest in off-plan properties, driving market activity.

Nadia Zahid, a real estate consultant at Xperience Realty, pointed out that the Dubai real estate market has shown encouraging signs in 2024, indicating future growth potential. Meanwhile, the real estate technology company Realiste predicts a 15% growth in the Dubai real estate market in 2024, emphasizing Dubai's attractiveness in terms of safety, cleanliness, tourism, and quality of life, factors that will drive its trend as a global real estate hub. Realiste's artificial intelligence analysis also identifies specific areas such as Business Bay 2 and Jumeirah Palm Island, where property prices are expected to significantly increase, enhancing their investment attractiveness.



According to the annual report from Cushman & Wakefield Core, a real estate consultancy firm, Dubai's population continues to grow, with an estimated addition of 100,240 residents by 2023. Based on Dubai Statistics Center and the 2040 Urban Master Plan, the population of the emirate is projected to increase to 5.8 million by 2040, with an average household size in Dubai of 4.2 people. The report also notes that the number of enrollments in Dubai schools grew by 12% in 2023, with private school enrollments increasing by 39,000 students, indicating a potential rise in demand from young families.

The Dubai real estate market is no longer just an emerging market but is attracting global property investors and long-term residents alike. Factors such as affordability, safety, and lifestyle make Dubai a popular choice. CBRE Group remains confident in the Dubai real estate market and expects the UAE residential market to continue its strong performance. While the rate of price growth is expected to gradually slow down, it will still remain relatively strong, and rental growth is also expected to continue, albeit at a slower rate.

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Dubai Property Market 2024
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