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Camping Overnight at Dubai Real Estate Launches: Does Queueing Still Make Sense?
四月 1, 2024
Camping Overnight at Dubai Real Estate Launches: Does Queueing Still Make Sense? 迪拜
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Abstract: Many real estate developers still employ traditional queueing methods, but increasingly, experts are calling for the abandonment of this practice in favor of more efficient business models.

As an emerging real estate broker in Dubai, Jeff Kuruvilla recalls his experience waiting for the launch of projects like Mudon in 2016. That experience made him feel fortunate after waiting for 36 hours, as his clients eventually purchased four properties. However, he admits that the waiting process was anything but easy.

Despite many changes over time, some real estate developers still adhere to the tradition of queueing. Recently, long queues reappeared at the launch event of villas on Dubai Island, lasting for hours. Videos on social media show agents rushing into the office once the gates open, leading to chaos and many unable to secure their desired units.

However, an increasing number of experts urge developers to abandon queueing and seek more efficient business models. A real estate agent who preferred to remain anonymous stated that queueing should have become a thing of the past.

"This phenomenon of queuing was a marketing tool in the early days of my real estate brokerage career to draw attention to specific projects. It was a signal to the world of Dubai's booming real estate market. However, now, the world recognizes Dubai as one of the most ideal real estate markets. Social media has further propelled this recognition. Therefore, no real estate developer needs to rely on queueing as a marketing tool anymore."

Long queues have long been a predominant feature of the UAE real estate market. However, with the advent of the digital age, many agents state that there are more efficient ways to conduct property launches.

Liam Chase, Senior Developer Property Consultant at Allsopp and Allsopp, states that queueing brings several negative impacts.

Camping Overnight at Dubai Real Estate Launches: Does Queueing Still Make Sense?


"Some buyers may choose to deal with multiple agents as they believe it increases their chances of securing their ideal unit. If the queueing time is too long and the chance of success too low, agents hesitate in promoting new projects. This uncertainty affects the relationship between agents, buyers, and developers. Hasty decisions often lead to a 'take it or leave it' situation, damaging trust and harmony among the parties involved."

Last year, at the launch event of Jumeirah Ali Palm Island, agents queued for over 13 hours to purchase this highly anticipated project. Some agents told The Khaleej Times that they typically wait 12 to 18 hours at property launch events, so their cars are always equipped with camping chairs, power banks, water bottles, and snacks.

Tina Angelo of A1 Properties also believes that queueing leaves everyone feeling unpleasant.

"At the Dubai Island property launch, three agents started queuing at 4 a.m." "There has to be a better way. Long queues make people very unhappy. Many are frustrated, why isn't there a better organizational method?"

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE has attracted more high-net-worth individuals, and the real estate market has become more prosperous. Therefore, many developers are changing their reliance on queuing methods of the past to more advanced methods.

Tina cites Emaar as an example, pointing out that they have completely changed the situation.

"Emaar's queuing was legendary." "Many times, the chaos caused by queueing had to be reported to the police. But now, they have a very systematic operational method. Properties are initially sold only to their VVIP repeat clients. No agents are involved. The next day, they invite two to three dozen outstanding brokers to sell properties to their clients. This is also a great incentive for agents to sell projects for the developer."

She notes that other real estate companies in Dubai also have excellent property sales systems.

"We just need to click on a registration link to register a client." "Then a digital token is issued. On the day of the launch, they usually arrange for a large venue like the Coca-Cola Arena where everyone can sit comfortably and wait. Then, they call out digital tokens to select a unit. So, the earlier you register, the better chance you have of getting a good unit."

Liam also lists some cases of real estate developers effectively managing launches.

"Aldar used a timed approach when launching the Haven project."

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Camping Overnight at Dubai Real Estate Launches: Does Queueing Still Make Sense?
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