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Emaar Properties launches luxury project
三月 5, 2024
Emaar Properties launches luxury project 迪拜
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Abstract: Emaar Properties has seen strong growth in its investment and development projects in Dubai and the company's net profit has continued to trend upwards.

Emaar Properties recently announced the launch of two luxurious projects in Dubai, indicating the continued growth of the Dubai real estate market and strong investor demand. These two projects are the Highland Country Club and Luxury Club Resort, with a total value of AED 96 billion (approximately USD 26.14 billion). These projects are expected to significantly increase sales and profitability and include a large number of villas and townhouses, showcasing Emaar Properties' grand vision for the future lifestyle in Dubai.



The Highland Country Club project, valued at AED 55 billion, is a large-scale planned development project with a "leisure district" spanning 81 million square feet. The Luxury Club Resort project, covering 60 million square feet, has a development value of AED 41 billion and will include a health center and luxury hospitality services. Mohamed Alabbar, the founder of Emaar, stated that these projects represent not only architectural endeavors but also the grandeur of high-end living and a transformative future.

Additionally, Emaar plans to construct a new tower in Dubai Harbour, and the project has already commenced construction. This tower, smaller and more elegant than the Burj Khalifa, further demonstrates Emaar's dedication to shaping Dubai's unique skyline with innovation. The launch of this series of large-scale projects reflects the strong investor demand in the Dubai real estate market under favorable economic conditions and policy support.

Emaar Properties launches luxury project


Last year, the value of real estate transactions in the Emirates reached AED 634 billion, with an annual growth rate of 20%. Furthermore, prices of premium residential properties in Dubai rose by over 16%, ranking second globally. Despite record-high sales of luxury properties, Dubai still lags behind in the world's most expensive luxury markets. This highlights Dubai's attractiveness as a real estate investment destination, drawing broad international attention and investor favor.

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Emaar Properties launches luxury project
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