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Reportage Properties: Outstanding Performance in Dubai Real Estate Market
三月 4, 2024
Reportage Properties: Outstanding Performance in Dubai Real Estate Market 迪拜
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Abstract: Reportage Properties is a leading real estate developer demonstrating outstanding performance in the Dubai real estate market.

The company recently announced sales exceeding AED 1 billion in the first two months of 2024. Compared to AED 2.3 billion in the same period last year, this figure signifies a 60% year-on-year growth, totaling AED 3.7 billion (approximately USD 1 billion) in sales for 2023.

To celebrate this milestone, Reportage Properties will host a special sales day event next Sunday at the Habtoor Palace Dubai. During this event, the company will offer special deals and discounts to attract more local and international investors. Reportage Properties, with 33 projects across the UAE, Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco, will showcase these projects during the special sales day.

In response to customer and investor demands, Reportage Properties pledges to offer more special deals, discounts, and price reductions to boost sales across all their projects locally and internationally. Additionally, the company states its commitment to continue launching new projects that cater to customer and investor needs, along with completing existing projects as per schedule to ensure timely delivery.

Reportage Properties: Outstanding Performance in Dubai Real Estate Market


Recently, Reportage Properties introduced several notable projects in Dubai. This includes the Reportage Village launched in the third quarter of 2023, featuring 1,767 residential units. Additionally, they introduced the Bianca project in Dubai, consisting of 653 townhouses. The successful launch of these projects further underscores the company's strength and reputation in the Dubai real estate market.

In addition to new projects, Reportage Properties continues to progress with existing ones as per plan. They recently completed the Oasis 2 project in Masdar City, comprising approximately 304 residential units. Furthermore, the company delivered units in the Oasis Residential 1 project, the Leonardo Residences project in Masdar City, and the Al Raha Lofts project in the Al Raha Beach area of Abu Dhabi.

Reportage Properties also collaborated with Continental Investment to develop the first phase of the Rukan Lofts project in the Dubai region.

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Reportage Properties: Outstanding Performance in Dubai Real Estate Market
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