Can I return to a demolished house after it has been rebuilt?
Oct 25, 2022
Can I return to a demolished house after it has been rebuilt? Dubai
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Abstract: Even if you are a tenant, a house can carry a strong emotional value. If you have lived in a house for many years and the house is about to undergo a major renovation or complete demolition, can you have the right to get the house back under the Dubai Lease Law.

Article 29 of the Dubai Tenancy Law (No. 33 of 2008).


This regulation regulates the relationship between landlord and tenant in Dubai, detailing the right of first refusal that the tenant has in such cases. But what does priority mean?


What are your rights as a tenant if you are asked to leave your living unit due to renovation or demolition?


Notice period for demolition.


First of all, according to Article 25 of the Dubai Rent Law, if you are informed by your landlord that your property will be demolished, the landlord must provide notice of demolition and the reason for demolition 12 months before the date of demolition.


The notice must be sent to the tenant by notary or registered mail. The landlord cannot evict the tenant at the end of the lease if the 12-month advance notice requirement is not complied with.


In addition, if the landlord intends to demolish the property, they must obtain the necessary approval from the relevant Dubai authorities.


Prior to demolition, the owner must prove that it has received all permits and approvals from the Dubai authorities. Based on the evidence provided, the RDC is entitled to make a judgment.


What is the notice period for property renovation or restoration?


If the property is being renovated rather than demolished, but the tenant still has to move out, the notice period is different.


The landlord must give the tenant 90 days notice before the lease expires that he does not intend to renew the lease to restore or rebuild the property.


Can I go back to my old house?


Whether your housing unit is being renovated or demolished, you have the right to return after the housing unit is repaired or rebuilt. This right is known as the right of first refusal.


According to the provisions of Article 29 of the Dubai Tenancy Law, Law No. 33 of 2008, as amended by Law No. 26 of 2007, Regulating Relations between Landlords and Tenants in the Emirate of Dubai


1. After the real estate is demolished, altered or renovated by the lessor, the lessee shall have the right of first refusal to rent, but the rent shall be determined in accordance with Article 9 of this Law.


2. The lessee shall exercise the right of first refusal as provided in the preceding paragraph within thirty days after receiving notice from the lessor.


Right of first refusal is a contractual condition or clause that gives one party the right to offer to buy, acquire or trade something before anyone else.


If it is rejected, the other party is free to accept the offer of the other party. This clause is usually used in a lease contract. The purpose of this is to give the tenant the right to make an offer on the rental property in which he or she lives before the landlord accepts an offer from another potential buyer.


However, this right needs to be exercised within 30 days of the landlord's notice to the tenant. Once the 30 days have passed, the landlord has the right to offer the property to another potential tenant.


If there is a disagreement over the new rental amount, the matter will be decided by Dubai's Rent Board.

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