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Over US$490 million in real estate transactions
Jan 12, 2023
By   Internet
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Abstract: Sales include 424 villas and flats worth US$310 million and 37 plots of land worth US$79.74 million

DUBAI - The Dubai real estate market recorded 461 sales transactions worth Dh1.43 billion on Wednesday, according to data released by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).


There were also 89 mortgage transactions worth Dh350.12 million and 15 gifting transactions worth Dh55.11 million.


These sales included 424 villas and flats valued at Dh1.14 billion and 37 plots of land valued at Dh292.67 million.


Mortgages included 64 villas and flats valued at Dh229.73 million and 25 plots of land valued at Dh120.39 million, bringing the total real estate transactions today to over Dh1.8 billion.

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