The most extensive and pioneering real estate business regionally and internationally
Oct 27, 2022
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Abstract: Khalifa Al Muhairbi is the MENA 2022 Arab Real Estate Developer.

The Forum for the Future of Arab Investment (FF2020AI) announced the award of Khalifa Saif Al Muhairbi, Emirati businessman and founder of the Arab Gulf Investment Group in Abu Dhabi, for the second consecutive year as Arab Real Estate Developer in the Middle East and North Africa, in recognition of his achievements, approach, administration and investment experience.


On the other hand, Arabian Gulf Investment Group has earned the shield of being the most extensive and pioneering real estate company in the region and internationally.


Khalifa Saif Al-Muhairbi is one of the young Arab leaders in the Arab and international real estate sector who has been able to lead his group's growth indicators, especially in the real estate sector, by promoting the group's proven strategies, understanding crises and market variables in light of the fluctuations in the global economy, and adopting an expansionary approach through partnerships and the acquisition of multiple real estate assets in the UAE and other countries.


To date, the real estate deals concluded by the Arabian Gulf Investment Group have reached more than Dh10 billion.


Khalifa Al-Muhairbi has completed numerous equity acquisitions in technology, digital, banking and healthcare sector investment companies in many Arab countries and foreign countries as part of his strategy to expand his investments.